ICYMI: Anthony Marrocco’s Culture of Corruption Makes for a Horrible Week

  Harrison Twp., MI –The Candice Miller for Macomb campaign announced Anthony Marrocco’s worst week ever starting with Anthony Marrocco’s unanimous violation of by the Macomb ethics board for filming a political commercial at a pumping station and ending with Deputy Macomb Public Works Commissioner and 24-year political ally Dino Bucci being the target of […]

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ICYMI:  THREE IMPORTANT THINGS HAPPENED THIS WEEK! Friends, In case you missed it and want to catch up on the campaign – we had three significant things happen this week in our race for Macomb County Public Works Commissioner. Candice Miller got the endorsement of the two biggest newspapers in the state, Anthony Marrocco was found […]

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In Case you Missed It: Hits Piling Up on Anthony Marrocco For Ethics Violation, Pay to Play Politics, And Pay Raises for himself and political cronies

Harrison Township, MI – The hits just keep on coming exposing Macomb Public Works Commissioner Anthony Marrocco for his ethics violations, pay to play politics as usual, and pushing for pay raises for himself and his political cronies. Below is just a sample of the hits that keep on coming against Marrocco:   Marrocco GUILTY […]

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Macomb Ethics Board Unanimously Finds Anthony Marrocco in Violation of County Ethics Ordinance

Harrison Twp., MI – Today the Macomb County Ethics Board found Public Works Commissioner Anthony Marrocco violated the county’s ethics ordinance. The board’s finding was in response to a complaint filed by Macomb Township resident Leon Drolet that said Marrocco violated the ordinance by filming campaign commercials on County property on County time in violation […]

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ICYMI: Marrocco’s Unethical Behavior Exposed

A number of media reports broadcast Anthony Marrocco’s past unethical behavior. Those stories include: 1. Marrocco Lied About Miller Saying She Didn’t Get a College Degree because “She Got Knocked Up in High School” at a Macomb Chamber Interview Macomb Daily, October 8, 2016 During an endorsement interview with the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce […]

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Michigan Delegation Joined Leadership at Negotiating Table

“Some of my Republican allies, particularly from Michigan, had been working on the Republican side of this,” Kildee added, citing Reps. Candice S. Miller, Fred Upton and John Moolenaar as GOP lawmakers who “made a huge difference.” Eleventh-hour government funding deals are usually negotiated between the leaders of both parties in the House and Senate and […]

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ICYMI: Candice Miller is one of “Key Allies” in Getting Additional Flint Funding to Replace Aging Water Pipes

Kildee: “Congresswoman Miller stepped up immediately after this crisis became known” Harrison Township, MI—Candice Miller yesterday voted in the US House of Representatives to fund $170 million to replace aging water pipelines in Flint.  The Detroit Free Press reported Candice Miller as one of the “key allies” who led the effort to pass this important […]

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Candice Miller for Macomb Public Works Commissioner Releases first Television ad

Harrison Twp., MI – The Candice Miller for Public Works Commissioner campaign today released its first television ad of the General Election campaign entitled “Get the Job Done.” The ad focuses on Miller’s determination to solve the problem of sewer overflows that foul our water and her bi-partisan support, including Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel, […]

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