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Candice Miller has lived in Macomb County her entire life and has a long record of service to our community.


Harrison Township Supervisor

Candice Miller took a conservative approach to her job as Harrison Township Supervisor and she had many achievements. She balanced 12 straight budgets, improved police and fire protection, and enhanced other vital municipal services, all of this while lowering the overall tax burden on her constituents. She was also on the front lines when problems occurred, solving problems quickly and in the most efficient manner.

Under her leadership the township became very active in the preservation of the environment. She led the fight for a Wetlands Preservation Ordinance and worked with developers to preserve woodlands.  She understood that a balance could be achieved that allowed for a growing economy while protecting our quality of life. She also was instrumental in building the first ever bike/hike trail in Macomb County along Metro Parkway extending to Metro Beach.

During her time as Harrison Township Supervisor she also was on the front lines in the fight against invasive species like the zebra muscle which was wreaking havoc on our drinking water infrastructure.


Macomb County Treasurer

In 1992 Candice Miller saw an opportunity to make changes on behalf of all the people of Macomb County and defeated a 24-year incumbent for County Treasurer.

She inherited an office that was stuck in the past, not using new technology or methods that would give the taxpayers the greatest benefit of their tax dollar. She made dramatic changes that accomplished those goals and was praised for her strong fiduciary efforts.

In this role she enhanced her well-earned reputation as a reformer of dysfunctional government.  The status quo was not good enough for Candice Miller.  She understood that government has a duty to change in order to give the taxpayers the greatest benefit for their tax dollar.


Secretary of State

In 1994 she saw an opportunity to make needed changes for all the citizens of Michigan and ran for Secretary of State defeating another 24-year incumbent, becoming the first women to ever be elected in a partisan statewide office in her own right.

In that office she had many of the same challenges she faced as Macomb County Treasurer. She inherited an office that had failed to use new technology to improve services for the people. The Secretary of State is a unit of government that interacts with nearly every taxpayer in the state, yet it had become inefficient and out of the touch with the needs of its customers.  Long lines had become the norm, needlessly costing taxpayers and businesses countless hours to do simple transactions.  She immediately set out once again to change the status quo.

She used technology to expand customer service options, offering license plate and watercraft registration renewals by mail, fax, touch tone telephone and the Internet. In fact, under her leadership, the Department of State became the first state agency to be interactive with the people via the Internet.

During her service as Secretary of State, Candice Miller also took time to serve as a member of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Lake St. Clair with the mission to develop a plan to protect and improve the lake. The commission had four basic goals:

Make certain the water is safe to drink. Make certain people swim safely. Make certain our waterways support fishing and hunting for animals that can safely be consumed. Find solutions to invasive species that limit the recreational enjoyment of the waters.

In her subsequent service following the release of the Blue Ribbon Commission support she has continued to work toward ensuring the accomplishment of all of these goals.


United States House of Representatives

In 2002 Candice Miller was elected to the United States House of Representatives serving the people of the 10th Congressional District which includes Northern Macomb County.

During her time in Congress she has become a recognized leader in national and homeland security, serving as the Vice Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee and Chair of the Border and Maritime Sub-Committee. She also serves as Chair of the Committee on House Administration where she oversees all administrative operations of the body. She also serves as the only Michigan member on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Through her leadership on the Water Resources sub-committee she has put protecting the Great Lakes as her top priority and working toward the goals of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Lake St. Clair.  Her work has led to the passage of important new laws and regulations that protect against invasive species that threaten our lakes.  These include new regulations on how ballast water is handled by ocean going vessels that enter the lakes and important mitigation and elimination efforts that have helped reduce the threat of other invasive species such as fragmites. She also secured federal funding to implement a real-time water quality monitoring system that operated in conjunction with local units of government.  That system monitored our drinking water supplies every 15 minutes and was a vital first alert warning system allowing water officials to quickly shut down intake pipes when potentially dangerous pollutants are found.  Unfortunately, local funding decisions have limited this important tool over time and Candice Miller is determined to restart this system which is vital because the water in-take pipes on the St. Clair River and Lake St. Clair provide the drinking water for millions of people in Southeast Michigan.

Candice Miller has also been at the forefront in the fight against the Asian Carp.  This invasive species is a direct threat to our Great Lakes ecosystem and our economy and must be stopped. Through her leadership she also got an important new provision put in the Water Resources Development Act which for the first time requires the federal government to treat the Great Lakes as an entire eco-system ending the need for ports and projects to compete against each other to obtain funding. Now those with the greatest impact on the environment and economy will be considered first instead of relying on political considerations.

Candice Miller also worked hard to support the passage of the new Great Lakes Compact which stopped any diversion of Great Lakes water. Her efforts have helped to secure grant funding for preserving our wetlands and wildlife habitat restoration.

Candice Miller’s commitment to our water and our environment has been unsurpassed and she will continue this fight for the people of Macomb County.





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