Marrocco Needs to Refund $66,000 to Macomb Taxpayers for County Legal Fees in the Marti Parker Harassment Case

Taxpayers Shouldn’t be on the Hook for Fees in Sexual Harassment Suit by Former Marrocco Girlfriend


Harrison Township, MI—Candice Miller for Macomb called on Public Works Commissioner Anthony Marrocco to refund the $66,000 Macomb County taxpayers spent for legal fees to defend against a sexual harassment case filed by a former Marrocco girlfriend that he hired, fired, and paid off in a private settlement. WXYZ’s Jim Kiertzner reported that in addition to Anthony Marrocco’s private settlement in the Marti Parker case, which Marocco refused to disclose, the Macomb County Corporation Counsel disclosed that county taxpayers funded $66,000 in legal bills to defend the county in the lawsuit.

“Anthony Marrocco hired a former girlfriend and got Macomb County entangled in a sexual harassment suit which caused taxpayers to pay $66,000 in legal fees for this mess which mixed Marrocco’s personal life with official business. It’s a slap in the face to taxpayers that Marrocco forces us to spend $66,000 of our money to defend his lechery, but has millions of his own money to spend on his campaign to keep his taxpayer funded salary. Anthony Marrocco needs to pay the taxpayers back,” stated Jamie Roe, spokesperson, Candice Miller for Macomb.

Anthony Marrocco refused to answer questions about Marti Parker or the lawsuit in the WXYZ report. Anthony Marrocco personally approved the hiring of Marti Parker in 2004 while they were dating and fired her later that year. Ms. Parker sued Anthony Marrocco in 2005 and Anthony Marrocco personally settled with Ms. Parker in 2006, although WXYZ reported Macomb County had to pay $66,000 in legal fees as a result of the lawsuit.

Last week, the Macomb Daily reported that Public Works Commissioner Anthony Marrocco wasted more than $5 million on legal fees without gaining the permission of 11 Macomb communities. The Macomb Daily reported earlier this week that Anthony Marrocco spent $5 million, including $3.8 million to a New York law firm, in losing lawsuits that caused water and sewer rates to go up in those communities.

“Anthony Marrocco continues to cost taxpayers money with his secretive behavior and his culture of corruption. Macomb taxpayers have had enough. It’s time for Anthony Marrocco to go,” stated Jamie Roe.

To watch the entire report by WXYZ’s Jim Kiertzner, go to: http://www.wxyz.com/news/race-for-macomb-county-public-works-commissioner-heats-up


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