Where is Dino Bucci and When Will He Address the Public?

Deputy Public Works Commissioner Dino Bucci is Mired in Scandal, Isn’t at Work, and Isn’t Answering Questions. What Does Marrocco Know

Harrison Twp., MI – Last week a lawsuit was filed against Macomb County Deputy Public Works Commissioner Dino Bucci alleging extortion, and he hasn’t been heard from since. In fact, Bucci has not been seen in public or heard from in over 10 days. The Macomb County corruption scandal is now swirling around Bucci, and the public has a right to get answers. Candice Miller today released the following statement calling for answers:

“The corruption scandal sweeping across Macomb County is sickening, and the people deserve answers. Dino Bucci, Anthony Marrocco’s Deputy Public Works Commissioner, is now at the center of very troubling allegations of extortion, but he hasn’t been seen or heard from in over 10 days. As a result, rumors are rampant of his complicity in various other acts of corruption and pay to play. While I am certain federal law enforcement agencies will continue their investigating of what they call “systemic corruption,” Anthony Marrocco also has a responsibility to police his own staff, particularly his second in command.

“Bucci has worked for Marrocco for nearly 24 years and is well known as his chief political lieutenant and political money collector. With such serious allegations surrounding Bucci it is long past time to get answers. Mr. Marrocco, you need to let the taxpayers who pay Bucci’s salary know why he isn’t at work, where he is, and when he will answer questions about his activities.

“I can assure the people of Macomb County that when I am elected Public Works Commissioner we will drain the swamp of corruption. Pay to play will end. I will authorize an outside forensic audit of all funds administered by the Department to ensure that these funds go for their intended purpose and not into someone’s pocket. And I will not tolerate any unethical or illegal activity on the part of any employee paid with our tax dollars. The people of Macomb County deserve honest service, and I intend to work hard to restore their trust.”

For more information on Candice Miller for Macomb campaign for Public Works, go to www.CandiceMiller4Macomb.com


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