Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor Endorses Candice Miller for Public Works Commissioner

Cites Concerns About Ongoing Corruption in Department of Public Works as Reason Prompting His Intervention in Campaign


Harrison Twp., MI – Today Candice Miller received the endorsement of Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor in her campaign for Macomb County Public Works Commissioner. Taylor had previously been neutral in the race but expressed his support in an email to Miller this morning citing concerns about corruption and a lack of transparency in the Department of Public Works. Below is the text of the email Taylor sent to Miller:

Candice —

I know it may be late in the game, but please accept this email as my full endorsement of your campaign for Macomb County Public Works Commissioner.  Throughout the campaign I have tried to stay neutral, as I have personally had no negative experiences with Mr. Marrocco and he has always been gracious and supportive of me in the past. However, recent discoveries have caused me to reconsider my stance.

City administration in Sterling Heights is frustrated — to say the least — with the lack of transparency in the Public Works office, particularly with regards to increases in sewer rates. A recent FOIA request revealed that millions of dollars in legal fees paid to a New York law firm have been charged to Sterling Heights residents without justification. This is just one of many issues that cause our administration concern.

Similarly, federal probes into corruption in Macomb County continue to swirl, with allegations of shakedowns, bribes, and other illegal activity concerning one or more employees of the public works office. Although everyone is innocent until proven guilty, I have lost trust in the public works office and sense that my constituents have lost trust as well.

I know that you are the best candidate to bring transparency to the public works office and to restore the public trust. Your exemplary record of public service throughout your career is unmatched in Macomb County and the State of Michigan. You have my vote and my support. Please do not hesitate to use my endorsement, or my words in this email publicly if you believe it to be helpful to you or your campaign.

Please also do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance. Best of luck.

Michael Taylor
Mayor of Sterling Heights

For more information on Candice Miller for Macomb campaign for Public Works, go to www.CandiceMiller4Macomb.com

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