Marrocco Ignored Prior Complaint to Allow Bucci to Act Regularly as Deputy Public Works Commissioner

Marrocco on Bucci: “He just does what he’s told to do by myself, the deputy or the drain board”


Harrison Township, MI—The Candice for Macomb campaign blasted Anthony Marrocco for allowing Dino Bucci to continue acting regularly as Deputy Public Works Commissioner despite a legal complaint by a Macomb Township resident citing a conflict with Dino Bucci’s duties as Macomb Township Trustee. Last week, a lawsuit was filed against Dino Bucci alleging he extorted a construction company to demand a kickback of approximately $75,000 if Dino Bucci supported returning permit funds of $151,000 to Gianna Construction according to the lawsuit filed in Macomb County Circuit Court. The Macomb Township Board will discuss the alleged extortion as well as other charges of corruption tonight in a public meeting.

In 2004, the Detroit News reported that a Macomb Township resident filed a complaint with the Macomb County Prosecutor’s office against Dino Bucci acting as Deputy Public Works Commissioner citing a 1997 Attorney General opinion where a city councilman couldn’t serve as county drain commissioner because of potential conflicts. Anthony Marrocco admitted in the Detroit News article that Dino Bucci would serve as Deputy Public Works Commissioner regularly where Marrocco directed him in the statement, “He [Bucci] just does what he’s told to do by myself, the deputy, or the drain board.”

“Anthony Marrocco’s culture of corruption has been a part of the Public Works Department in Macomb County for too long. It’s time for Anthony Marrocco to go so we can clean up the Public Works Department,” stated Jamie Roe, Candice for Macomb Spokesperson.

The Macomb Township Board website has a page listing Dino Bucci’s employment which states that he “[s]erves as Deputy Public Works Commissioner for Macomb County Public Works Office.” For more information on Dino Bucci’s employment, go to the link https://www.macomb-mi.gov/directory.aspx?EID=5

For more information on Candice Miller for Macomb campaign for Public Works, go to www.CandiceMiller4Macomb.com



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