ICYMI: Marrocco’s Unethical Behavior Exposed

A number of media reports broadcast Anthony Marrocco’s past unethical behavior. Those stories include:

1. Marrocco Lied About Miller Saying She Didn’t Get a College Degree because “She Got Knocked Up in High School” at a Macomb Chamber Interview

Macomb Daily, October 8, 2016
During an endorsement interview with the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce this past summer, Marrocco allegedly told panelists that he is more qualified for office than Miller because she lacks a college degree. He allegedly said she had gotten pregnant in high school and was unable to finish due to her unexpected pregnancy. It wasn’t a private conversation, but said during the interview process, she added. Grace Shore, executive director of the chamber, said she can’t substantiate or deny Marrocco’s comments from what she termed “confidential” interviews. But a source who was part of the panel confirmed he did say it. ”We didn’t know what to think when he said that,” the source said. “It came out of left field.” Macomb Daily, October 8, 2016

2. What Happened with Marti Parker?
“Marti Parker of St. Clair Shores sued Marrocco and Macomb County for sexual harassment, after working in Marrocco’s office for six months in 2004 and starting a romantic relationship with him months earlier. She contended she lost her job after ending the relationship, though he contends it was because she lacked a high school diploma that the job required. But while Parker was a temporary public works employee, and Hackel was county sheriff, Marrocco contacted his office to make a police report that his personal vehicle had gone missing while in Parker’s possession. Crain’s,” October 9, 2016

A trace via OnStar found the vehicle and Parker in Huron County, and Marrocco went on to allege later in court that Parker “has a pattern of … exploiting dating relationships … for financial gain in order to support a drug habit and other questionable activities,” according to court records. But the harassment case was settled for undisclosed terms in 2006, and Parker died in a late 2008 Detroit homicide that remains unsolved. Hackel contends Marrocco and attorneys he retained at Bodman PLC in Detroit took the lead in that case and engineered a settlement, and he has never been able to see its terms. In August he sought records from Marrocco’s office under the state Freedom of Information Act, inquiring what funds were spent on the Parker case or on two other unrelated lawsuits involving Marrocco. A response sent back in October indicates no county public works funds were used in Parker’s suit, but did not elaborate. Crain’s, October 9, 2016

Macomb Daily
The other example of inappropriate behavior offered by Miller was a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Marrocco by Marti Parker. Court documents obtained by The Macomb Daily show Parker was hired over 10 other candidates by Marrocco in March 2004 as a $30,474-a-year inspector and terminated four months later. The reason Parker was fired was because she did not hold a high school diploma, a requirement of the job, records show. But in 2005, Parker filed a harassment lawsuit against the public works director in U.S. District Court.

Court files show the two had been involved in a consensual relationship when he hired Parker. Parker claimed in her federal lawsuit that she was fired because she had broken off the relationship, an allegation Marrocco denied. She alleged Marrocco made requests for sexual favors and created a hostile work environment, according to the complaint. The case was dismissed in March 2006 after Marrocco settled with Parker for an undisclosed amount of money, according to court records.

Parker died in December, 2008 after she was fatally wounded while driving at2:30 a.m. at the intersection of West End and Jefferson roads in Detroit. The case remains unsolved.

“That girl was a victim of a predator,” Miller said. “The other victim is Macomb County taxpayers because they paid about $100,000 in legal feeds and (Marrocco) paid the final settlement himself.” The final settlement was sealed by a Macomb County judge, so it is unknown what the amount was. The Macomb Daily has requested that document be unsealed but has yet to receive a response. Macomb Daily, October 8, 2016

3. Pay Raises
“Hackel and Marrocco again locked horns in 2012 when the Board of Commissioners halted a $24,000-plus pay raise for Marrocco, days after a finance committee of all 13 commissioners had already approved it — along with raises of $14,000 each for top executives Nancy Ryan, Chief Deputy Public Works Commissioner Bill Misterovich and Engineering Operations Manager Dino Bucci. Hackel said the vote had gone to the committee without his knowledge.”Crain’s, October 9, 2016

Candice Miller is available for interview on these subjects and the campaign in general. You can also find out more information at www.anthonymarrocco.com

For more information on these stories, go to

Macomb Daily: http://www.macombdaily.com/government-and-politics/20161008/miller-compares-trumps-vulgar-behavior-to-marrocco

Crain’s: http://www.macombdaily.com/government-and-politics/20161008/miller-compares-trumps-vulgar-behavior-to-marrocco

For more information on Candice Miller for Macomb campaign for Public Works, go to www.CandiceMiller4Macomb.com


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