ICYMI: Deputy Public Works Commissioner Dino Bucci Runs Away from Media, Refuses to Address Residents About Alleged Extortion


“One Man Even Compared Bucci to Sadaam Hussein”

Macomb Twp., MI – The Candice for Macomb campaign blasted Deputy Public Works Commissioner Dino Bucci for refusing to address township residents at the Macomb Township board meeting last night regarding the lawsuit that he is a target of which alleges extortion by Bucci against Gianna Construction. Dino Bucci refused to make a statement at the Macomb Township board meeting even though residents were demanding one from him with loud calls from the audience for Bucci to respond to these allegations. Several Macomb Township residents made public comments criticizing Dino Bucci and demanding Dino Bucci’s resignation from the Macomb Township Board, as well as criticizing the conduct of the Macomb Township Board.

“For 24 years, Anthony Marrocco and Dino Bucci have run the Macomb County Public Works Department under a culture of corruption. Dino Bucci was afraid to address the residents of Macomb Township last night for his actions and Anthony Marrocco is afraid to address Macomb County taxpayers about his abuse of power over the last 24 years. Voters will send a message to Anthony Marrocco that they are tired of the corruption and it’s time for him to go,” stated Jamie Roe, Spokesperson, Candice Miller for Macomb.

Before the Macomb Township Board meeting last night, Dino Bucci told several media sources he would make public comments to Macomb Township residents at the meeting, but Dino Bucci failed to address them and fled from the media after residents made critical comments, booed and demanded his resignation.

“Dino Bucci was one of Anthony Marrocco’s first hires at the Department of Public Works and has been mentored and empowered by Marrocco for 24 years. Instead of providing answers about such serious allegations, Dino Bucci ran from media and residents. Residents piled on criticism of Bucci with one man even comparing him to Sadaam Hussein. Dino Bucci has been one of Anthony Marrocco’s closest political allies and department confidants. With such serious allegations surrounding Bucci, it is long past time to get answers,” stated Jamie Roe.

WDIV’s Mara McDonald reported on the meeting last night stating “Trustee Dino Bucci, who has been accused of extortion in a civil lawsuit, did attend. After initially telling me he would make a statement during the meeting, Bucci ran from our cameras and gave a crisp ‘no comment’…One man even compared Bucci to Sadaam Hussein. “I was intimidated by Dino Bucci. He twisted my arm three years ago,” Eddie Jawad told the board. Hecklers shouted insults at Bucci.”

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